fredag 2 december 2022

Sunnebloggen tar paus

Sunnebloggen tar nu paus på obestämd tid. Passa på att läsa inläggen från fantastiska personer med Sunneanknytning här i vårt stora blogg-bibliotek som vi byggt under 13 år. En skatt att ösa ur.

Intressanta personer med Sunneanknytning kan du också lyssna på i Sunnepodden. 
Välkommen dit!

torsdag 1 december 2022

We go to the gorgeous church each time we visit Sunne

Allan Borg and his wife goes to the Sunne church
everytime they visit Sunne. Magnus, Kristina 
and numerous relatives are buried there.

When Olof arrived at Elis Island with twenty-five dollars in his pocket, he was required to have fifty dollars, but was passed through anyway because he had a brother waiting for him. His occupation was listed as farm hand. 

He ended up in Chicago working for a munitions factory. As a young man in the 1920’s in Chicago during prohibition, he would go to a speak easy and on one occasion he was beaten almost to death while being robbed. He had a ring that his father, Magnus, had given him and he had begged them not to take that ring, but they continued the beating and took the ring. 

Later, Olof was hired by Paul Lehman as a farm hand. Olof and Mary (Paul Lehman’s daughter) were smitten. They married in 1930 and had 2 children, Harry and James “Jimmy”, They farmed together but had a very hard go of it. 

Mary was burned badly in a cook stove accident and was kept in the hospital for a year or so. Olof obtained a job on the Great Northern Railway. He later became a section foreman and was moved around to various parts of South Dakota and Minnesota. Nine years after Jimmy had been born, they were blessed with six more children:  Donald, Marianne, David, Steven, Julie and Mike. 

We go to the Sunne Church each time we visit and each time we meet my cousin Jan there. The Sunne Church grounds are beautiful. We are always impressed with the gardens and park feel of the place. 

The church itself is old world gorgeous. We sign in the book; light a candle and I imagine all the times my ancestors filled the place. Magnus, Kristina and numerous relatives are buried there. 

/Allan Borg

tisdag 29 november 2022

That is when I decided that I will go to Sweden

Du har själv möjlighet att översätta texten. Klistra in webbadressen till Sunnebloggen i fältet "webbplats" och välj språk på den här sidan:

My Great Grandpa, Olof Borg was fascinating to me. He spoke English with such a thick accent that I asked when I was young, 

“Where is Grandpa Ole from?”
And the adults would say, “Sweden.”
“Where is Sweden?”
“It is across a huge ocean. It is so far away; you’ll never go there.”
I think that is when I decided that I will go to Sweden. 

Olof’s oldest son, Harry Borg said that Ole wouldn’t speak Swedish, only English. However, on occasion Olof would visit the local blacksmith who emigrated from Norway, and they would speak in native tongue to each other. 

The blacksmith asked Harry,“Is your father teaching you Svensk?” and Harry, slightly confused, would say, no. He only speaks that with you. The blacksmith said Harry should learn the language. But, Olof said, no, he is American he will speak English. 

This story reminds me of a picture we got a copy of the first time we visited Sweden. Olof had sent a picture of himself to his sister. 

He was wearing a hunting jacket, large brim hat, tall leather boots, a bow tie and holding a rifle. He looked like a cowboy with a bowtie. He wrote on the back, “I’m an American now!” 

/Allan Borg

Olof looked like a cowboy with
a bowtie. He wrote on the back of
the picture, “I’m an American now!”

måndag 28 november 2022

Känslosamt att besöka huset i Sunne

Du har själv möjlighet att översätta texten. Klistra in webbadressen till Sunnebloggen i fältet "webbplats" och välj språk på den här sidan:

My Great Great Grandfather Magnus was the last soldier in Sunne. There is still a home referred to as the last soldier’s home, where he lived. 

His youngest son, Olof, my great great grandpa, was born in that home. He traveled to the United States to make money. He would work nonstop during his visa period in the United States and then come home and move his family, to a bigger home. 

How difficult it must have been

We visited so many homes it is hard to recall all of them. I think of how his wife, Kristina sacrificed, living almost as a single mother for months at a time and how difficult it must have been to leave his entire family, culture, and language to make money to give his family food and shelter. 

Margareta tells us the story about Magnus last name:
"Magnus Borg got his name Borg when he went into soldierduty in Norra Borgeby, named Borg after that soldiercroft. North BORGeby and named BORG. That was cutym in Sweden in this parts of the country to name soldiers after the village they had there duty. 

At first Magnus was a soldier for Ås in Gullsby and than he had the name ÅSBOM. He is born as Eriksson, Eriks son not Pers son.. Per was his grandfather. Magnus father was ERIK Persson and he was a shoemaker in Gunnarsby".

The USA required him to shorten his name:  Magnus Per’s son from Norra Borgeby. After adopting the name Magnus Borg, when all of his son’s emigrated to the United States, Magnus had them all change their last name to Borg. 

Leaving for America

We were invited into a home in Tjustersby area. It has been restored. The homeowners gave us a tour, the layout is the same as when it was built, the original stove still usable in the kitchen, original fireplace in the living room and original chimney up through the attic. Absolutely beautiful. 

The owner of the house has a historical book. We find a paragraph stating that Olof Borg left this house for America in 1919 at the age of 19. To roam in his Sweden home, to put on my boots on the same stone step that he did in 1919 the day he left for Elis Island, it was remarkable. 

My wife snapped a picture of me sitting on that step and when we came back to visit with our children in 2018 we have a picture of our children on that same house stone step.


To roam in my great great grandpas
Sweden home, to put on my boots on the
same stone step that he did in 1919
the day he left for Elis Island,it was remarkable.

FUN FACT:  When first traveling in Sweden we noticed how prevalent the red homes with white trim are. Six years prior to our first visit we sided our small rural home south of Biscay, Minnesota. 

I didn’t realize at the time, but the Swede in me chose a red siding with white trim. The only home like that within a 60+ mile radius! 

/Allan Borg

onsdag 23 november 2022

First trip to our familys historic landmarks

Du har själv möjlighet att översätta texten. Klistra in webbadressen till Sunnebloggen i fältet "webbplats" och välj språk på den här sidan:

We were on the deck of the ferry crossing the Kattegat Sea with Frederikshavn, Denmark behind us. My face was whipped by a cold August wind. My wife and I were in a partial embrace keeping warm and enjoying this wonderful adventure together, our first trip abroad together. 

I look out towards the east knowing that Great Grandpa Olof Borg was on these waters. My exhilaration of seeing Sweden’s shores for the first time was very different from his trepidation and stirred heart as he left his home. 

I spotted it, a glimmer of shore. I couldn’t hold back the emotion of that moment, my face moved into a wide grin and my blue eyes twinkled. I said to my wife, “This is the same port my Great Grandfather Ole left from”, my voice broke, “…and never returned.” “Could you imagine what he would think to know his Great Grandson is here retracing his steps?”

Family’s historic landmarks

On the Stena Line we landed in the port of Göteborg. The people on the ferry had me believing it would be worth it to me to load up a trolley with Carlsberg beer at the ferry’s duty-free low price. Although I made numerous fast friends, I have not repeated that on any subsequent trips. 

Several days later, on our fifteenth wedding anniversary, a Volvo pulled up next to the hotel and after quick hellos we were in the car with Margareta Gullström-Linder and her husband Lennart. Margareta is the historian in our family. She has spent countless hours of years pouring over records documenting our family tree. 

During our first trip to Sweden in 2015 they took us to our family’s historic landmarks, museums, art galleries, car show, in the water taxis, and heavenly meals in beautiful locations. I can’t possibly go over each of these, but there are a few I must.

Hits my shoulders and my soul

We went to an area of Norra Borgeby on a large hill overlooking övre Fryken. There were the remnants of a shed type of house made cave like in the hillside. At one time thirteen people lived there, in a room no bigger than a small living room. 

As we were enjoying the spectacular view, Margareta profoundly states, “Our family has lived here, in this area for one hundred fifty years.” 

The weight of that statement hits my shoulders and my soul. I dig my feet a little deeper into the soil, pick up a stone and hold it in my hand. I think of my Grandparents working the land in South Dakota trying to make a good life for their growing family as my ancestors did here. One hundred fifty years. Wow. 

/Allan Borg

måndag 21 november 2022

Allan Borg needed to make a connection to his roots in Sunne

Kommande veckor på Sunnebloggen skrivs av amerikanen Allan Borg, vars släkt kommer från Sunne. Allan var nyligen i Värmland och upplevde älgjakten. Vi ser med spänning fram emot att få ta del av historien om hans värmländska rötter:

Du har själv möjlighet att översätta texten. Klistra in webbadressen till Sunnebloggen i fältet "webbplats" och välj språk på den här sidan:

Allan Borg utanför
kommunhuset i Sunne.

For years my wife, Sonya, and our children Leif, Autumn and Larz made the four-hour journey to my grandparents’ farm 6 miles south of Willow Lake, South Dakota for Christmas Holiday. 

We all slept upstairs in the small farmhouse where magically I would have the energy and gusto as my former schoolboy self. Each corner a familiar smell, each step a memory, I have always felt the most at home here. 

The farm was always a hub of activity, even when the farming ended in 1994 it would burst at the seems during hunting seasons, fishing trips, the Father’s Day Clay Pigeon Shoot (Borg Family Reunion) and nameless days as gravity pulled all of us there for one reason or another.

Christmas 2013 our family visited my grandpa, Harry Borg. He was a widower, living on the farm he & his wife, LaVon (Meester) Borg purchased in 1965. 

Harry and LaVon had 10 children: Eugene “Gene”, Julie, Cindy, Harry Michael “Mike”, Kendell, Tim, Betty, Mark, Scott and Jody. They had been farmers, milking 150 Holstein cows, raised 80 beef cattle each year and like most farms at that time a variety of other animals:  pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, horses, Hungarian partridge, bobwhite quail, pheasants, barn cats and a blue heeler cattle dog. 

I am the oldest grandkid and I love the farm. My grandpa Harry wanted me to look at his bountiful harvest of Christmas cards. I snuggled into a recliner in the living room that had been overheated by the gas stove, as grandpa liked it hot now and paged through the cards reminiscing and discussing family updates. 

I noticed a card from Sweden, then another, I asked “Who are these from?” Grandpa Harry stated plainly “from our family in Sweden.” He was matter of fact and his answer sounded like I should already know the answer to my next question, 

“You still have contact with our family in Sweden?”
“Well, ya.”
Right then I thought, I needed to make a connection to my roots before the connection was lost. 

/Allan Borg

Olof Borg & his wife Mary enjoying
a meal at their son,Harry Borg's farm.
(Child: Jody Borg) 

fredag 11 november 2022

Banan färdig – men vi är inte färdiga

Den 1 oktober 2022. När vi tittar i historieböckerna kommer det alltid vara datumet när vi officiellt sett konstaterade 18-hålsbanan på Sundsbergs discgolfpark som färdig. Men som rubriken antyder – vi ser oss inte som färdiga.

Det kommer vi nog aldrig bli heller, det här ska som sagt ses som ett levande projekt och vi har redan nu ganska klart för oss vad vi behöver hugga tag i när vintern börjar släppa sitt grepp om oss om sisådär fyra månader.

Banan behöver ständigt underhåll i form av röjning. Du är varmt välkommen att hjälpa till!

Det ska röjas och rensas, många av skyltarna ska uppdateras och det är inte minst en hel del kosmetika som ska till. Små broar, trappor, spänger och annat lull som gör banan både mer tillgänglig och trevligare att gå runt på. De ytterst provisoriska pilarna som leder dig runt banan ska förstås också bytas ut mot något mer hållbart och vi ser redan ställen där det eventuellt kan komma att anläggas fler hål, och fler utkastplatser – också med syfte att göra banan mer tillgänglig och spelbar för fler.

Skyltarna är högst provisoriska och ska bytas ut mot något mer hållbart och stilrent under nästa år.

Vi har använt oss av miljövänliga plastfundament för att montera alla korgar, skyltar och dylikt. Närmare 60 sådana har vi grävt ned och fyllt upp med massa sten och grus.

Och vi måste ju ha en ordentlig invigning. Drömmen vore att få hit en discgolfspelande OS-guldmedaljör, men det duger också gott med talare, bandklippning och fanfarer – och förstås, kôrv mä brö!

Sedan är det som sagt bara fantasin som stoppar. Tävlingar, samarbeten, kurser, sponsring, stipendier etcetera, etcetera. Allt hand i hand och sida vid sida med det underhållsarbete som kommer krävas och där du, kära läsare, förstås också kan få vara en hjälpande hand. Vi behöver bli fler, och ju fler vi är som gör något litet, desto större är chanserna att vi kan förverkliga alla andra drömmar.

Och därmed göra vår insats för folkhälsan, för Sunne, för discgolf-Sverige och för alla inblandade. Banan må vara färdig, men vi – vi är inte färdiga.


onsdag 9 november 2022

Det blir nio hål till i kommunen

 Två discgolfbanor byggs i Sunne: “Sammanlagt 27 nya hål”

Rubriken är från början av oktober för ett år sedan när vi intervjuades i Fryksdalsbygden i samband med vårt deltagande på Sätt Sunne i rörelse-dagen. Det var väl först då våra planer blev offentliga och på vår lilla trehålsbana i ena hörnet av fotbollshallen var det ett idogt spelande hela rörelsedagen.

Och det är mycket riktigt nio hål till som ska byggas, förutom de 18 vi ägnat mestadels av raderna åt så här långt. Nio korgar har nämligen placerats ut runt idrottsplatsen i Västra Ämtervik som formar den 9-hålsbana och kompletterar den 27-hålssatsning som vi sjösatte för ett par år sedan.

Den blivande banan i Västra Ämtervik består av nio hål. Här kommer vi lägga in en extra växel till våren när det stora jobbet är gjort i Sunne. 

Skärmdump från Fryksdalsbygdens rapportering från Sätt Sunne i rörelse-dagen hösten 2021 när vi offentliggjorde våra planer.

Föreningen har här tagit hjälp av eleverna på industritekniska programmet på SG Broby för att tillverka korgarna och under nästa år får vi se till få klart med alla utslagsplatser och skyltar. Vi provspelade faktiskt banan en solig höstlördag i september och den kommer bli riktigt trevlig med det extremt tajta hål 8 som trolig vattendelare.

När Monkey padel skulle byta konstgräs på sina banor passade vi på att återbruka deras gamla till våra utslagsplatser på Sundbergs discgolfspark. 

Vi har visserligen inte hunnit jobba så mycket tillsammans än, men det är absolut värt att nämna hur imponerande engagemanget är inom Västra Ämterviks IF. Att discgolf bara är en av ett flertal sektioner tyder på den bredd och entusiasm som avspeglar föreningen. Och där har vi hittat rätt!